Welcome to 3CORE. We are glad you have found our site and we are ready to see how we can partner with you to meet your business goals.  At 3CORE we act as a financial “go-between” for your small business and the financial capital you need. Unlike traditional financial institutions, our team surrounds financing with mentoring and perspective to best serve our clients.

Our simple mission is to cultivate healthy business because people matter. Business is the heartbeat of any community and your success in business is much more than your personal success. Look at it this way. When you reach your goals you participate in creating a stable foundation for the community, healthy growth, and the shared reality of a prosperous future. Typically, when your business is ready to grow, you hire a new employee; your employee’s salary supports a family in the community and alongside other families who are able to support themselves, a truly healthy community emerges. At 3CORE, we are here to help you identify and find access to the right capital to grow your business.

At 3CORE we have wrapped our services around 3 key words: Financing, Mentoring and Perspective.

Financing – It is likely that you came to our website because you are a small business in need of some capital to help you grow. Many small businesses are financed with high interest credit cards, second mortgages and/or loans from friends and family. Our goal is to help you obtain good capital that will help your business grow in a healthy direction and is manageable for you to repay at an affordable price and in a reasonable amount of time. At 3CORE we have unique access to a range of financial capital to match your business’ needs.

Mentoring – When you receive services from 3CORE, you are never just an account number. We believe that people matter and we get to know each business. We recognize that most small business owners don’t come with a fancy business pedigree, so we offer both formal and informal mentoring services that weigh your unique situation and offer tools and strategies to put you into a position that will facilitate your ultimate success. Given the unusual economic climate we find ourselves in, 3CORE acts as an interpreter of economic factors and realities that can be confusing to a typical small business owner.

Perspective – Ultimately, what we offer is a unique vantage point. We are not an institutional lender and we are not a fellow small business person. We have a neutral, not-for-profit business that allows us to counsel you without undo concern for our own personal or corporate gain. We have worked with over 300 clients over two decades, and have vast experience with multiple industries and styles of business. We draw on this history to offer you what some might call an intangible, but others would call an essential ingredient to success: perspective.

Next Steps – now that you know a bit about us, it’s time to tell us a bit about you. Give us a call or send us an email to set up an appointment to talk. If you are ready to fill out a loan application, click on our loan program and we’ll welcome you into our family.