Planning Program

3CORE was established in 1985 as a private, nonprofit corporation.  Its principal purpose is to act as the economic development planning and coordinating organization for the tri-county region, composed of Butte, Glenn and Tehama counties and their nine member cities.  In 1988, the region was formally designated by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration as an Economic Development District.  Since that time, 3CORE has added technical assistance and business mentoring as significant components of its overall program.

The 3CORE Planning Program utilizes the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) process as an effective method for establishing investment strategies, goals, and objectives for diversifying and enhancing the District’s economy. Moreover, the process serves as an effective vehicle for equitably allocating staff time to assist communities with preparing funding applications to state and federal agencies on behalf of the District member jurisdictions*.  3CORE is the regional center for accessing economic development resources from State and Federal agencies.

Purpose of the 3CORE Planning Program

  • Assist the member cities and counties in identifying viable market based economic development investments and establishing investment priorities. 
  • To assist in development of a region-wide Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) to establish a series of investment strategies, goals and objectives for diversifying and enhancing the region’s economy. 
  • To coordinate with all key local, state, federal, private and non-profit organizations to ensure non-duplication of resources and to generate maximum efficiency while leveraging public and private investment.
  • Provide technical assistance to cities and counties in identification and accessing of financing mechanisms for carrying out high priority economic development projects that will diversify the economy and result in the creation of higher-skilled, higher-paying jobs.

District Members:

Butte County

City of Chico

Town of Paradise

Situated on the east side of Northern California’s Sacramento Valley, Butte County is approximately 110 miles north of Sacramento.  Rising from the Sacramento River, its western boundary, to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, its eastern perimeter, Butte County elevation spans from 60 to over 7,000 feet and has a considerable variation in climate.  The portion of the county lying in the Sacramento Valley has ideal conditions for agriculture.  The county covers 1,665 square miles.

Glenn County

City of Orland

City of Willows      

Extending across the west-central portion of the Sacramento Valley along Interstate 5, Glenn County lies in the midway point between the metropolitan areas of Sacramento and Redding.  The county’s 1,319 square miles are divided between farmland on the floor of the valley and grazing land and mountainous forests in the eastern part of the Mendocino National Forest.


City of Red Bluff

City of Corning

Situated in the northern part of the Sacramento Valley, Tehama County has diverse geographical features.  The county consists of a broad, alluvial plain, bordered on the east by the Sierra Nevada and on the west by the Pacific Coast Range.  The Sacramento River, which divides the county’s 2,976 square miles, supports a great range of agricultural activities.


Affiliate Members:

Morrison & Company

Five Star Bank

Oroville Economic Alliance

*3CORE does not prepare grant applications for the general public.