Seed Fund

What is The Business Vitality Seed Fund?

Small business is the backbone of our economy. Over the past few years, access to credit and other sources of funding has become more difficult for small- and medium-sized businesses. This limited access has created even more challenges for those trying to grow or expand their business. Developing alternative ways to garner financial support for local small businesses for lending and services is a deliberate strategy of 3CORE, Inc. At the same time that 3CORE has been developing innovative financing programs, the North Valley Community Foundation (NVCF) has been exploring a philanthropic fund to promote business growth in the region. It soon became clear that by working together, 3CORE and NVCF could provide meaningful assistance to businesses in our region. Out of this collaboration, the Business Vitality Seed Fund was created.


The following are the basic steps to the Business Vitality Seed Fund process after a preliminary assessment by 3CORE, and it is established that your business meets the Seed Fund criteria.

  • Apply to Business Vitality Seed Fund
  • Review, complete, and return application packet
  • Practice pitch presentation with Marc and Courtney
  • Pitch business to a hand selected Review Team specific to your needs and industry
  • Discuss and create Royalty Agreement structure
  • Continue mentoring with Review Team and other referrals


Visit our blog, Seed Seeker, to meet our current recipients, the review team, the 3CORE team, and for fun and interesting posts about entrepreneurship and small business practices.

Recipient Companies

Social High Rise

Founded: October 2012

Goal: To partner with small businesses to create and manage vibrant and engaging online communities via social media. We offer a do-it-for-you service so that business owners can stay focused on running their business.

Upper Park Designs

Founded: March 2011

Goal: As avid disk golfers, Jon, Hobie and Patrick struggled to find a bag that met their needs and looked good. They joined together to create products that are unique in style, innovative in design, and unmatched in comfort.


Five by Five Tonics

Founded: October 2012

Goal: ushering in a new generation of cocktail bitters and tonics by offering truly handcrafted and quality products. We use only natural fresh and dried botanicals in the recipes. No artificial colors, extracts, or flavors.


Three Sixty Ecotique

Founded: October 2008

Goal: Three Sixty Ecotique is a sustainable, free trade enterprise that focuses on creativity, self-expression and positive buying. We sell vintage, contemporary used clothing, and feature indie made clothing and jewelry.


US Thermoelectric Consortium – Dynaplug

Founded: December 1995

Goal: USTC manufacturers a product called the Dynaplug Ultralite tubeless tire repair tool as an on-the-road solution for repairing tubeless tire punctures.

Center for Entrepreneurship and 3CORE

The Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE) at CSU, Chico and 3CORE, Inc. are pleased to announce its formal partnership between the two organizations with the goal of creating and fostering an entrepreneurial ecosystem for new and emerging businesses. For more information on the partnership, please click here.

Visit the Center for Entrepreneurship blog here for more information on their Business Concept Competitions, eWeek, and other University Entrepreneurship news.

Loan Department

For more info on 3CORE's Loan Programs, please contact our Loan Department